Backup & Recovery

Hard Drives can fail at anytime, and they always seem to do so at the most inconvenient time.  Storage failure is not a matter of if, but when.  We have backup solutions for all walks of life- whether you’re securing your financial records or archiving your live DJ sets.

Do you already have a backup but are unsure if its working?  We can help with that!

Is your computer behaving strangely, and is the thought of losing files beginning to creep in?  We can eliminate both the strangeness and secure your files.

Do you have no backup plan yet?  We can provide backup solutions for individuals, families, business, entrepreneurs, and more!  We’ll discuss what your needs and desires are, and can find the right backup strategy for you.

What are external drives? What is the cloud?  Do I need a RAID, or NAS?  We’ll simplify the complex world of backup solutions and establish a plan for your data past, present, and the future.