Data Recovery

Have you accidentally deleted a file or your external drive doesn’t show up anymore?  We offer data recovery services at some of the lowest prices in Austin.

What sort of recovery do we do?

It’s important to note that data transfer is different from data recovery.  If your computer doesn’t light up at all, there’s a good chance we don’t need to run recovery procedures as outlined here.  For data transfer, please go here.  That said, we specialize in software-based recovery on laptop, desktop, server, and portable drives.  

We currently do not provide data recovery for phones, tablets, flash-based drives, or RAID arrays.  Some types of drive failures exceed what we can handle in-house- for example, if the hard drive’s head has failed, or if a component has been burned up.  For these types of failures, we can refer you to other companies who provide these clean-room and other services.


How much does data recovery cost?

Most data recoveries range anywhere from $74.93 to $249.75, with a minimum of $49.95.  In some cases, we may ask for the $49.95 up front, which would apply to the final recovery if you choose to do so.  As with all jobs, we will provide multiple options when available so you can balance cost and data cleanliness, and/or other factors.


How long does it take?

Data recovery turnaround times can vary from hours to days depending on the scenario.  Please call us at 512-345-8957 with a description of your problem to get an estimate.


Do I have to bring it in to do the recovery?

Yes.  We recommend to shut down the machine immediately.  If the computer is having trouble booting up, do not run utilities such as Startup Repair or Check Disk in hopes to recover data yourself- you may use up what little time the drive has left alive .  If you have deleted a file accidentally, the odds of getting that file back decrease with every minute that passes.  Since data recovery software can take hours or days to run, it is not feasible to perform the recovery on-site.  


Can you guarantee I’ll get all my data back?

It depends on the circumstances of the data loss, but unfortunately, we cannot make this guarantee without first assessing the job- and be wary of those who do.  However, in most cases we find it’s a bit of an all-or-nothing game.  If some of your data is corrupted or inaccessible, we always provide all the relevant information we have collected, so you can review what we know we couldn’t recover.




Though we try to update this site regularly, pricing and terms are subject to change from what is displayed here.