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Fast laptop DC power jack replacement and repair service

Did your hard drive crash?  Think you lost your data?  Let us take a second look.

PC Hard Drive

Most times we can retrieve data from your bad hard drive for $99 and up.

RAID is not just for big businesses anymore.  Put an end to hard drive data loss and keep your computer's data backed for good with RAID by AustinPCTech

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Data Retrieval

PC Hard DriveHard drives die for a variety of reasons.  Extreme temperatures, electrical shock, a hard knock such as dropping, or you simply ended up with a lemon.  There are a wide number of reasons that they die.  If your hard drive has crashed though and you thought that your data was lost forever, that might not actually be the case.  AustinPCTech can often times recover data from a dead or defective hard drive.  And for much less than most competitors.  Most data retrieval companies charge anywhere from $400 to even over $2000 to recover your data while AustinPCTech can do the same for much much less.  Prices start at $99 and almost never exceeds $200.  We'll save your data to cd, hard drive, or even transfer it back onto your computer.  Just let us know how you want your data back.

There is a $99 minimum charge to recover your data from a defective hard drive and recovery typically takes 48 - 72 hours.  Rush services are available.  This $99.00 charge does not apply to non-dead or non-defective hard drives or cases where files can be simply dragged and dropped from one hard drive to another.  Those data recovery services will be billed at the rate of $49.95 an hour with a one hour minimum.

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