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Fast laptop DC power jack replacement and repair service

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Laptop DC Power Jack Repairs

Laptop DC power jack exampleDoes your laptop computer not properly charge?  Sometimes it's the battery, but more commonly it's due to a problem with your DC power jack.  That's the receptacle that you plug your AC power adapter into to power your laptop.  It often times either develops bad solder joints or bent and broken pins. Many computer repair shops will tell you that they can only replace your motherboard.  Most laptop motherboards cost anywhere from $250 to $1,000 which rarely makes sense.  Instead, save your money as we are qualified to repair your motherboard for much much less.

There are basically two types of DC power jacks on laptops.  The most common is similar to the sample picture shown above and it is soldered directly onto the motherboard.  The repair cost for this type DC jack is $99.00 in labor plus $15.00 for the replacement DC jack.  We carry most of these in stock and can have your laptop repaired within 24 hours.  The other, less common type is attached to a wiring harness which simply plugs into a motherboard socket and the repair charge is $99.00 in labor, plus the cost of the replacement DC jack which typically runs $30 to $40 plus shipping and is special ordered.

If you are interested in having your charging problems diagnosed or your DC jack replaced, give us a call.  Your computer will be promptly in working order again.

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