Liquid Spills

IMPORTANT:  Do not attempt to turn on a device that has come into contact with liquid.  If the device is currently on, turn it off and remove the power cable and battery to prevent further damage- even if it is currently working.  You will greatly improve your odds of rescuing the device if you keep it off.  Devices that have even encountered even a few drops may work for a few days or weeks before irreversible damage takes effect.

Has your computer come into contact with water or a drink?  We can help!

How much does it cost to revive my computer?

If parts need to be replaced, the final bill can be difficult to predict.  We have a diagnostic fee of $74.93 which must be paid at drop off; if the cleanup is successful, this will apply to the final bill.  If we do not have to replace any components, you can expect $49.95 to $149.85.  As always, we must call you with a quote before ordering any parts.


How long does it take?

If parts do not need to be replaced, we can complete the cleanup in 1 to 2 business days.*  If parts are needed, we will provide our part supplier’s shipping options so you can decide how quickly the repair is completed from that point.


Will I lose any data?

In the vast majority of cases, the hard drive is still accessible.  Even if it does not make sense to repair the computer, we often can recover and transfer data.


Do I have to bring it in to get it repaired?

Yes.  Our shop has all the tools and the anti-static environment that ensures the repair is done right.  We currently do not provide liquid spill remediation on-site.

*In times of high volume, we may not be able to complete the repairs within 1 to 2 business days.  Additionally, if the parts need to be special ordered, this will increase the turnaround time.  To see if we are experiencing high volume, please call us at 512-345-8957.


Though we try to update this site regularly, pricing and terms are subject to change from what is displayed here.