Screen Repair

Have mysterious lines appeared in your screen that will not go away?  Are there black or multicolored streaks in your screen as shown below?   These are all common symptoms of screen failure or breakage.

What sort of screens do you replace?

We only replace screens for laptops, all-in-one desktops, and POS terminals.
We do not replace screens for TVs, monitors, phones, tablets, or other handheld devices.


How much does a screen repair cost?

Screen prices and labor can vary quite a bit- from $135 to over $300 depending on the model.  For an exact quote, please call us with the model number and we can give you a quote down to the penny.  For Macs, we would need the serial number.


How long does it take?

If we can place the order for LCD screen before 4PM we can often have the screen replaced by the end of the next business day.*  Some models we cannot get from our typical supplier, in which case we will provide the shipping options to you so you can decide how quickly your replacement screen will come in.


Do I have to bring it in to get it repaired?

Yes.  Our shop has all the tools and the anti-static environment that ensures the repair is done right.  We currently do not provide screen replacement on-site.


How long is the warranty?

We provide a 90-day warranty on our labor for screen replacement, and our primary screen supplier offers a 120-day warranty on the screen.  If we order from another supplier, we will let you know what their warranty is before the order is placed.  We find unless the screen is broken again, it will likely outlive the rest of the laptop.



*In times of high volume, we may not be able to complete the repairs next business day.  Additionally, if the screen needs to be special ordered from an out-of-state supplier, this will increase the turnaround time.  To see if we are experiencing high volume, or check if our Texas supplier has this screen, please call us at 512-345-8957.


Though we try to update this site regularly, pricing and terms are subject to change from what is displayed here.