Virus and Malware Removal

Are you receiving pop-ups, excessive ads, or strange behavior from your PC?  You might be infected with malware, which is an umbrella term for any harmful or undesired software, such as: Viruses, Trojans, Adware, Spyware, Scamware, and more.

How much does malware removal cost?

Each infection is different, so for that reason we charge an hourly rate of $69.95/hr in our shop, and $89.95/hr if we come to you; both have a one hour minimum.

In our shop, we only bill you for the interaction time, not the entire time the computer is here.  Most disinfections range anywhere from 1.75 – 3.25 hours, and capped at 4 hours.  We always will give you call with a quote first, and try to provide as many options as possible so you can balance budget, turnaround, and level of service.  If at any point you decline repairs, the labor falls back to our one hour minimum of $69.95.  It is unusual for our customers to decline malware removal- typically this only happens if unrelated hardware issues are discovered.  

If we come to you, billing begins from the time we step in your door, until the time we step out.  Some areas outside the greater Austin metro may incur a trip charge; we will notify you if a trip charge will apply beforehand.  If within the visit we find other deeper problems, or find that the disinfection will take an excessive amount of time, we will give you the option of taking the computer back to the shop for further repairs. 


How long does it take?

In most cases, here in our shop we can complete the repairs same to next business day.*  In some cases (5% or less) we have to reinstall Windows, which may take an additional business day, depending on the complexity of your software setup.


Will I lose any data?

Not at all!  We will only remove malware and do not touch your personal information.  If you are among the unlucky few in which we have to reinstall Windows, we will back up and restore your data.  


How long is the warranty?

We provide a 30-day warranty on our malware removal services.  We also send you off with the tool and knowledge to reduce your risk of getting infected again.  We take great pride in the precision and quality of our malware removal 

*In times of high volume, we may not be able to complete the repairs within a business day.  Additionally, if the DC jack needs to be special ordered, this will increase the turnaround time.  To see if we are experiencing high volume, or check if we have this jack on hand, please call us at 512-345-8957.


Though we try to update this site regularly, pricing and terms are subject to change from what is displayed here.